Echobox reverse-engineers Facebook's feed algorithm and adapts your share strategy accordingly.


Echobox adapts your share strategy on Twitter to your audience's behaviors and trending topics.


Echobox mirrors LinkedIn's content algorithm to ensure your curation is fully optimized.


Echobox adjusts your Instagram curation with the latest insights from Instagram's feed algorithm.


Echobox fine-tunes your TikTok video sharing to maximize your content’s potential.

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Traffic & Engagement

Echobox will predict traffic and engagement for your content and rank it accordingly, allowing you to know which content to post next.

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Timing Optimization

Echobox will identify the best minute of the day for each share to maximize its reach.

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A/B Testing

Test different messages and images to truly understand what your audience likes.

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Share Quantity

Echobox will determine the ideal quantity of shares per day to increase performance without incurring oversharing penalization by social networks.

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Share Spacing

Echobox will accurately space your shares to avoid share clashes and oversharing penalties by social networks.

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Use OpenAI's GPT model to write viral share messages for you, adapted to your tone of voice.


Let Echobox add performance enhancing emojis to your shares.

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Hashtags & Mentions

Echobox will find and suggest relevant hashtags and mentions so that your shares form part of a wider conversation on social networks.

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Echobox will optimize timing for your video posts to increase views.

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Breaking News

Let Echobox automatically recognize your breaking news and share immediately.


Let Echobox automatically classify your evergreen content and reshare at the right time.

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Link in Bio

Set up a Link in Bio and share your Instagram posts as links to increase referral traffic.

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Custom Audience Graphs

Audience Graphs are granular mathematical representations of your audience that allow Echobox to tailor its algorithms to you.

Timing Options

Choose from AI-optimized timing, within a selected time slot, set a specific time, or share immediately.

Feed checks every minute

Echobox queries your content feeds once per minute to ensure your latest, freshest content is captured quickly.

Image Overlays

Add your logo or a banner as an overlay on your posts' images to increase your CTR.

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Full Curation

Let Echobox automatically and intelligently curate your entire social media presence for you.

ChatGPT Integration

Use OpenAI's ChatGPT to automatically create engaging share messages.

New Shares

Let Echobox automatically share the right number of first-time shares to increase your audience.


Let Echobox automatically share the right number of reshares to increase your audience.

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Schedule Periods

Specify at what times of day Echobox should automate for you.

Live Story

Let Echobox automatically update your share message and image as you update your content. Especially relevant for developing stories, such as sports events.

Keyword Rules

Set up keyword-based rules for sharing that Echobox will follow.

Prefix & Suffix

Tell Echobox to automatically add a word or phrase (including hashtags or mentions) to your shares.

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URL Parameters

Let Echobox automatically add your query and fragment parameters to your shares.

Duplication Protection

Echobox will automatically detect duplicate articles if there is a numeric identifier in your URLs.

Duplication Protection (advanced)

(Enterprise only) We'll build custom duplication protection for you, providing your URLs contain an alphanumeric identifier.

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Post your content across all your social networks and accounts at the same time.

Image Editor

Use our extensive image editor, which includes filters, cropping, stickers, drawings and lots more.

First Comment

Schedule the first comment and Echobox will automatically add it to your social posts.

Draft Mode

Save your posts as drafts and let other team members review them later.

Content Feeds

Link your RSS feeds or sitemap to social accounts of your choice.

Data Sources

Define which data sources you want Echobox to use for share previews, such as OG titles, RSS titles or others.


Add labels to your posts to allow for better tracking and reporting.

Team Collaboration

View your team's edits and shares for better collaboration.


Save time by letting Echobox suggest shares for you to approve.

User Management

Assign Admin or Editor privileges to different users on your Echobox account.

Pause Button

Pause all your sharing at once.

Multiple Properties

Combine multiple properties into the same Echobox account for easier access.

Domain Switching

Links with matching domains will be automatically switched to your current domain. Useful if you own multiple properties.

Sponsored Posts

Run sponsored posts on Facebook easily from within your Echobox account.

Audience Restriction

Enable Facebook's Audience Restriction on Echobox to restrict who can see your posts.

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Use the Analytics dashboard to review your share history and performance data.

CSV Export

Export your share history and performance data.

Track non-Echobox shares

Echobox tracks the analytics data of social shares made outside of Echobox.

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Echobox will keep an up-to-date library of your content (both shared and unshared). Use the Archive to discover content to share next.

Search your entire archive's history; easily and rapidly.


Specify content categories for your Archive to display.

Import Archive

Import your existing archive into the Echobox Archive.

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Apps & Integrations

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Web Tag

Use our lightweight, asynchronous Web Tag for fully GDPR compliant performance tracking.

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Connect your Bitly account to Echobox and all links will be shortened using your shortener.

API Access

Integrate Echobox analytics data in your internal reporting dashboards.

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24/5 Customer Support

Our support teams are based around the world to provide assistance 24 hours per day.

24/7 Technical Support

Get rapid assistance with any technical issues, any time, from our team of technical experts.

Knowledge Base Access

Consult our robust library of self-service help articles to find answers at any time.

Support via Web

Connect with our support teams from directly within your Echobox account.

Support via Email

Get quick help when you need it. Our teams are just an email away.

Multi-language Support (8 languages)

We provide high caliber support in 8 different languages thanks to our global customer support team.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is here to help you achieve the best performance from Echobox and maximize your benefits.

Tailored Demonstration & Configuration

We ensure your Echobox is configured optimally for your organization's particular needs and demonstrate use cases most adapted to you.

Custom Onboarding & Training

We offer a comprehensive onboarding and training program to get your teams up and running smoothly with Echobox.

Strategy Advisory

We've developed best practices from years of research and working with some of the world's largest content producers. Benefit from our expertise to inform and guide your strategy.

Quarterly Business Reviews

(Enterprise only) Every quarter we conduct a business review to highlight your performance, new areas of potential and innovative strategies tailored to your business.

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