Who we are

We are a fast-growing, research-focused company offering online publishers the most advanced technologies to help them excel in their digital strategies. We have a track record of building things that others had ruled out as impossible. Our team consists of the smartest and most talented individuals from all parts of the world who are passionate about the industry we serve and the innovations we deliver.

Who we are Who we are

Our Story

We were founded in 2013 in London by Antoine Amann, who saw an opportunity for machine learning based automation in the publishing industry. Soon thereafter, Marc Fletcher joined as CTO after completing his PhD.

Back then, the notion of automation in the newsroom was a foreign one, and it took years of extensive R&D to build a product that would convince leading publishers to adopt automation. Today, over 1000 publishers in over 100 countries rely on our automation, including some of the world’s most prestigious publishers.

Our technology currently publishes over 10 million pieces of content and reaches billions of readers for our clients each year.

We are a very international company. Although our headquarters are in London, we have employees in over 15 countries. We’re proud of our global footprint and intend to keep expanding in all parts of the world.


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Our Drive to Innovation

From day one, we’ve been a strong believer in continuous innovation. Our data science and engineering teams work on some of the hardest problems in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This allows us to provide our clients with an exceptional product that both amazes and delights them.

We’ve designed Echobox using advanced product management methodologies and a strong focus on simplicity. Our clients enjoy using our product and we keep making transformative improvements.

Most machine learning based technologies that form part of Echobox had to be built from the ground up. We’ve developed unique innovations that exist nowhere else, such as a breaking news detection engine, an algorithm that reverse-engineers Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm, Audience Graphs (a novel way to mathematically represent a publisher’s audience), and many more.

Echobox was founded
Echobox raises Seed round and assembles initial R&D team
Echobox raises $3.4M Series A
Echobox’s AI automated 200,000 hours of manual labour
Echobox works with its 200th customer
Echobox expands its operations to 40 countries
Echobox works with its 700th customer
Echobox files 2 key patents