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Develop a deep understanding
of your Facebook audience

Use the first-ever organic A/B Testing for Facebook
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Gain 25% more clicks

Our clients get on average 25% more clicks when A/B Testing. Each Facebook page has its own distinct audience, which makes A/B Testing so valuable. Strategies that work well for one Facebook page might not necessarily work for another page. Test different headlines, messages, images or videos to find what engages your audience most effectively.

Rapid CTR calculation

Echobox determines the click-through rates for each variation in less than 15 minutes, then automatically shares the winning variation to your full audience.

Rigorous scientific standards

Our A/B Testing allows for the most scientifically rigorous hypothesis testing. View statistically significant results in our analytics to drive your long-term strategy.

Your creativity knows no limits

Unique in the market, our organic A/B Testing solution helps you understand how your Facebook audience perceives your strategy.

Images and Videos

Are black and white images more effective than color? Are shorter or longer videos better?

Tone of Voice

Should I write rather playful or more factual headlines?


Should I use #hashtags? And what about @mentions?


How does my audience react to emojis? 😀

Answer these and many more questions about your Facebook audience.
View winning click-through rates (CTRs) for each of your A/B Test variations and revise your strategy.

Master Facebook's ever-changing algorithm

Echobox A/B Testing Performance

Cumulative % change in pageviews with A/B Testing

With A/B Testing
Without A/B Testing
Facebook Newsfeed Change #1
Facebook Newsfeed Change #2

Since Facebook's major Newsfeed algorithm change in early 2018, publisher traffic dropped significantly, although there has been a recovery.

Facebook regularly change their Newsfeed algorithm. Your strategies that worked well in the past might not apply anymore. Summarizing the article in the headline brought you traffic last month? It might not next month. Posting colourful images has been a safe way to drive attention? That might change too. Keep testing new hypotheses with our A/B Testing solution to always stay ahead of the curve.

Our clients successfully outperform publishers who don't A/B Test whenever Facebook changes their Newsfeed algorithm.

See the Social Media Index (SMI) for more information.

“Since using Echobox we’ve seen a major upswing in our traffic and saved valuable time.”

Anne Pican - Digital Editor

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