Click Rates

Echobox will optimize your content selection and ordering in order to increase your email click rates.

Open Rates

Echobox will optimize your email send times to maximize your open rates.

Content Personalization

Let Echobox personalize your email content for each individual subscriber. Each subscriber will receive content personalized to their interests.

Timing Personalization

Echobox tracks when each subscriber views their emails. Over time, each of your subscribers will receive emails at times when they're most likely to view their inbox.

Content Order Personalization

Echobox uses cutting-edge machine learning mechanisms to optimally order your content and keep your subscribers more engaged. Each subscriber will see content that has been ordered according to their interests.

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Smart Content Recommendations

Echobox uses advanced deep learning techniques to identify content that's most likely to engage your subscribers. Both quantitative and qualitative variables are taken into consideration.

Subject Line Optimization

To ensure your subject lines align with best practice, Echobox provides live feedback on your email subject lines.

Send to Segments

Cultivate loyal subscribers by sending targeted emails to your audience segmented by engagement.

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Full Curation

Let Echobox automatically and intelligently run your entire newsletter strategy for you.

Campaign Volume

Instantly create new, additional campaigns to grow your subscriber lists even faster, without needing to spend more time on setup and curation.

ChatGPT Integration

Use ChatGPT to automatically generate a best practice subject line and preview text from the articles included in your email.

Content Selection

Use RSS feeds alongside Echobox's AI to automatically populate your emails with content specifically chosen to maximize engagement for individual subscribers.


Specify how much of your content Echobox should include in each campaign.


Specify how often Echobox should run campaigns for you, such as daily, weekly, monthly or on a custom schedule.


Specify the timeframe from which Echobox should pull your latest content (days, weeks, months, etc).


Specify sections for your campaign and let Echobox auto-populate them with your most relevant content.

Content Feeds

Link your RSS feeds or sitemap to specific campaigns and/or sections of your email.

Feed checks every minute

To ensure your latest content is captured quickly, Echobox queries your content feeds once per minute.

Tracking Parameters

Let Echobox automatically add your query and fragment parameters to your links for easier tracking.

Duplication Protection

Echobox will automatically detect duplicate articles if there is a numeric identifier in your URLs.

Duplication Protection (advanced)

(Enterprise only) We'll build custom duplication protection for you providing your URLs contain an alphanumeric identifier.

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Add your brand designs and customize your logos, header images, fonts, colors and more.

Timing Options

Specify your timing preferences for your campaigns. Choose between optimized timing, time slots, specific times or send now.

Text Blocks & Editorial

Add editorial notes or other text throughout your campaigns to give them your own voice.

Personalized Greetings

Add a personal touch to your emails by automatically including their name or a custom greeting.

Keyword Rules

Use keywords to control which content from your RSS feeds is used in different sections of your email.

Lock Content

Have sponsored content or articles you want all subscribers to see? Lock content in place to take advantage of personalization whilst ensuring everyone sees certain content.

Custom HTML Blocks

Customize your AI-optimized emails with HTML blocks to create bespoke emails with AI smarts.

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Advertising & Ad Servers

Seamlessly run advertising in your campaigns by connecting them to your ad server.


Publicize sponsorships, events or any other types of promotions in your campaigns.

Sponsored Content

Flag certain articles as paid for by advertisers or sponsors, and generate additional revenue from each newsletter.

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Campaign Analytics

Review email metrics at a glance and monitor campaign performance in a dashboard. Gain insights into which content performs well, including in your custom emails.

Article Analytics

Drill down into the performance of different pieces of content within your emails. Sort by clicks, send date, and more to view your data as you like.

CSV Export

Export your email history and performance data.

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Subscriber Management

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Import, Export, Unsubscribe

Import, export or remove subscribers from Echobox, either individually or in bulk.

Subscriber Sync

Sync your subscriber lists in real time with more than 300 other solutions.

Welcome Series

Send welcome series to new subscribers by connecting Echobox to your marketing ESP.

Custom Signup Forms

Build a custom, branded newsletter signup form via Echobox and let us host it for you.

Embedded Signup Forms

Embed your Echobox newsletter signup form on your website.

Signup Forms without Echobox

Use a non-Echobox signup form and keep your subscribers in sync in Echobox.

Preferences Center

Let subscribers manage their email preferences, unsubscribe from your campaigns, or sign up to additional campaigns, all in one place.

Subscriber Page

View and manage subscribers for your entire campaign, and see their individual engagement levels.

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Apps & Integrations

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Web Tag

Use our lightweight, asynchronous Web Tag for fully GDPR compliant performance tracking.

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Hubspot & other marketing software

Sync your subscriber lists with Hubspot and many other marketing platforms in real-time.

Mailchimp & other email software

Sync your subscriber lists with Mailchimp and many other email platforms in real-time.

Google Ad Manager & other ad tech

Connect your campaigns to your ad server to easily include advertising in your emails.

Salesforce & other CRMs

Sync your subscriber lists with Salesforce and many other CRMs in real time.


Build your own integrations with Zapier.

YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo

Add videos from YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo to your emails.

+ 300 other integrations

Echobox integrates with hundreds of other platforms to streamline your workflows and email content, and ensure you always have an up-to-date single source of truth for your subscriber lists.

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24/5 Customer Support

Our support teams are based around the world to provide assistance 24 hours per day.

24/7 Technical Support

Get rapid assistance with any technical issues, any time, from our team of technical experts.

Knowledge Base Access

Consult our robust library of self-service help articles to find answers at any time.

Support via Web

Connect with our support teams from directly within your Echobox account.

Support via Email

Get quick help when you need it. Our teams are just an email away.

Multi-language Support (8 languages)

We provide high caliber support in 8 different languages thanks to our global customer support team.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is here to help you achieve the best performance from Echobox and maximize your benefits.

Tailored Demonstration & Configuration

We ensure your Echobox is configured optimally for your organization's particular needs and demonstrate use cases most adapted to you.

Custom Onboarding & Training

We offer a comprehensive onboarding and training program to get your teams up and running smoothly with Echobox.

Strategy Advisory

We've developed best practices from years of research and working with some of the world's largest content producers. Benefit from our expertise to inform and guide your strategy.

Quarterly Business Reviews

(Enterprise only) Every quarter we conduct a business review to highlight your performance, new areas of potential and innovative strategies tailored to your business.

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