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We are a fast-growing, research-focused company offering online publishers the most advanced technologies to help them excel in their digital strategies. Our team consists of the smartest and most talented individuals from all parts of the world who are passionate about the industry we serve and the innovations we deliver.

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Great people to work with. Everyone is smart and talented, and friendly, always willing to help. I’ve worked in other places before and I’ve never worked with such a talented team.
I’ve been working for Echobox for 3 years now and every day is as exciting as my first day. The teams are great, everyone is dedicated to creating the best user experience for our clients.
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What makes an Echoboxer?
We are international

We are proud of how international our team is, spanning over 25 nationalities. This diversity creates a unique perspective and contributes strongly to our culture.

We are ambitious

Our team consists of the smartest and most talented individuals. We only hire people with top academic and professional backgrounds.

We are innovators

We strive for continuous innovation, working on the toughest challenges facing publishers today. We have a track record of building things that others had ruled out as impossible and work on some of the hardest problems in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our Commitment to Diversity

At Echobox, we are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive environment and building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and skills. We strongly believe that the more diverse we are, the better our team will be.


Our Teams

Echobox is structured into 7 distinct teams: Data Science, Engineering, Product, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Operations. Each team performs a vital function for Echobox and contributes to our overall success. We do our best to foster collaboration between teams and transparency across the company.

The Data Science team

Our Data Science team is responsible for the artificial intelligence behind Echobox. They ensure we build innovations that serve publishers as much as possible.

This entails monitoring the setup of new customers, optimizing our algorithms, and developing new innovations to make our customers love us even more.

“After completing my studies in aeronautics, I chose to join Echobox because I felt passionate about Echobox’s focus on news publishing. I’m responsible for the maintenance of our AI algorithms and development of new ones. An important part of my work is to be creative. At Echobox, everyone enjoys a high degree of freedom when it comes to how we tackle projects. We also have a huge data set to work with, given the large number of publishers we work with. I can see how my work contributes to the well-being of leading publishers around the world. This is very satisfying!”
The Engineering team

Our Engineering team is responsible for planning, building, improving and maintaining the Echobox platform. They also keep an eye on performance, cost and security considerations.

“I always start my day with a cup of tea but that’s the only part of the day that’s constant as no two days are the same. There are always new and interesting problems to solve, whether that’s working on new projects, planning new and exciting features, reviewing code and deploying to the cloud or helping out within the team. A day at Echobox is always busy! I also like to organise board-game nights in the office where everyone can join in, unwind from the day and see everyone’s hidden competitive side!”
“Being a remote Senior Software Engineer at Echobox is an epic adventure; navigating perilous product roadmaps to produce exciting new features, deploying them to the cloud with the help of our friends Docker and Kubernetes so that at the end of the day you can count up the points earned by a job well done. Even working fully remotely, I still feel a part of the adventure as everyone is only a video call away and always happy to help. I enjoy the opportunity to continuously improve myself and to be part of this excellent and expanding company.”
The Product team

Our Product team is responsible for defining a strategy that turns the Echobox vision into a workable roadmap. They work at the intersection of the customer (what are the challenges they face), the business (what are Echobox’s goals) and the technology (working with the Engineering and Data Science teams to work out what is feasible).

“I identify areas where Echobox could be improved, using a combination of customer feedback and data analysis. My day involves producing graphs, reports and analysis tools, and often requires me to coordinate closely with our product designer as well as the Customer Success and Engineering teams. I’ve been working at Echobox for three months now, though this is actually my second time at the company. I chose to come back after completing my studies because of its friendly atmosphere and because of the many opportunities here to learn and grow.”
The Sales team

Our Sales team works closely with publishers to help them adapt modern technology. Once a publisher becomes a client, our sales team is responsible for keeping our clients happy, with the help of our Customer Success team.

Frederick, Regional Director
“I chose Echobox to become part of a driving force at the edge of technology, helping to revolutionise journalism. I am tasked with spreading the word about Echobox, reaching out to publishers in various cultures and languages within my assigned region. I work remotely and Echobox encourages virtual meetings to get to know one another. In a digital-environment, communication at Echobox is bi-directional, using a plethora of tools, ensuring any requests and feedback is taken into consideration swiftly.”
The Marketing team

Our Marketing team builds the Echobox brand and makes it easier for publishers around the world to hear about us through a variety of marketing campaigns.

Ashley, Content Marketing Manager
“I joined Echobox because I find the product, technology and vision fascinating (and when you’re a Content Marketing Manager, there’s nothing better than being able to create content about something you really believe in). I was also attracted by the opportunities to impact the publishing industry in a tangible way, and to learn from brilliant people along the way. A typical day for me involves working closely with our Head of Marketing on a variety of projects as we develop and expand our marketing activities. I love the balance of creative work and strategic thinking that I have at Echobox!”
The Customer Success team
James, Customer Success Manager
“Although I work remotely I still get to collaborate with my awesome team on a daily basis, whether it be via Slack, video conference or weekly meetings. I love dealing with a diverse range of publishers from all over the world! My role is to help ensure our customers are successful, achieving their objectives and getting the most out of what our powerful platform has to offer. It’s great being at the cutting edge of technology and I love that every day is different.”
The Operations team

Our Operations team is responsible for ensuring Echobox can grow quickly and operate as efficiently as possible. Their remit covers a wide range of functions including human resources, finance, sales operations, legals and investor relations. They also make sure Echobox recruits the best talent, maintains a positive company culture, and makes data-driven decisions.

Thomas, Operations Lead
“I joined the Operations team at Echobox because I was drawn to the company’s vision as well as the broad range of responsibilities for my role. For example, my initial projects have involved streamlining our sales operations processes through working closely with our Sales and Marketing teams, enhancing our operational data and management reporting capabilities and implementing a CRM technology platform. My integration with the company was seamless thanks to regular weekly social events. As the company is growing rapidly, there is a constant stream of new joiners. Everyone makes a concerted effort to provide a welcoming and social environment!”


What it’s like working at Echobox

“There’s a new challenge every day”

Wondering what it’s like to work at Echobox? Lara, from our Operations team, interviewed Sebastian Huempfer, our VP Operations, to get a deeper insight into his journey over the last few years with us.

Read Sebastian’s full story

We offer our employees many various benefits. Here are a few examples:

Option to work remotely (part-time or full-time)
Lunch on the company every Wednesday
“Summer Camp” in London where our team, including all our remote employees, are brought together for a week of shared learning, ideating and bonding
Generous annual leave
Free breakfast, hot and cold drinks, and snacks all day, everyday
Latest technical hardware
Monthly team events such as dinners, bowling, crazy golf, karting, poker nights, board-game evenings and more
An amazing office with a large terrace overlooking Notting Hill
Pension contribution


Our Interview Process

Landing a job at Echobox is tough. You’d be joining a very select group of talented people who are committed to a vision and purpose that’s greater than any one individual.

Our interview process is a multi-stage journey that allows both you and us to determine whether Echobox is the right fit for you.


The first step is for you to apply. Check which vacancies we have

Personality round

We’ll ask you questions about your academic and/or professional experience. We’ll also want to see whether you have a good understanding of what Echobox does.

Skills challenge

The skills challenge will help us assess whether you have the right experience level for the role. It will also give you an insight into the type of work you might come across whilst at Echobox.

Technical round

This round is designed for more technical questions around the skills challenge, past experiences and the actual role. This is also a chance for you to meet your eventual manager and other team members alongside whom you'll work.


If successful in your technical interview, you'll have a call with a member of our recruiting team where you will receive feedback and a conditional offer to work at Echobox.

Final round

Once you've signed the conditional offer, you'll have your final interview with Echobox's Founder and CEO. Expect more questions about your experience and understanding of Echobox. If successful in the final round, you will be hired.