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Gone are the days of spending hours each day manually running your newsletters. Echobox Email uses advanced AI to automatically generate perfect email newsletters featuring your best content, optimally ordered with the perfect subject line, all designed to maximize your click rates while saving precious time.

Echobox's newsletter automation places the power of AI at your fingertips. Using a multi-algorithm approach, Echobox Email analyzes real-time data and historical engagement patterns for each of your newsletters. Each successive newsletter is automatically optimized and refined for peak performance, giving you all the benefits of a sophisticated newsletter strategy without the manual work.

Trained off over 245 million data points, Echobox's vast array of cutting-edge algorithms work seamlessly together to automate your email newsletters and drive subscriber engagement.

Intelligent newsletter automation engineered for publishers

The right content

Echobox Email uses AI and machine learning technology to select articles that increase your click rates through a detailed understanding of audience behavior. Use RSS feeds to populate different newsletters, or even different sections of the same newsletter.

At the right time

Sophisticated AI analyzes real-time and historical data to understand at what minutes of the day each of your unique audiences is most likely to open your newsletters. We automatically send at those times, ensuring optimized open rates and maximum visibility.

Newsletters in seconds

Produce a fully optimized, carefully crafted product in just 10 seconds. Simply click and the AI will do the rest, turning your data into insights and those insights into an effective newsletter instantaneously.


Automatically send specific newsletters without the need for manual approval. Let Echobox Email create and send optimal newsletters at the optimal time for optimal results, saving you countless hours.

Convert more subscribers

Whether your objective is converting readers into paying subscribers, or building loyalty to retain subscribers, intelligent newsletter automation gives you the edge. Use AI to refine your newsletter offering, and make each edition more tailored to increase engagement and conversion.

Each of these innovations is designed to fit seamlessly with any workflow while giving you control over what and when you send. Opt for full newsletter automation, or use the AI recommendations as a guide and customize any element with just a few clicks.

Echobox Email gives you complete flexibility to leverage newsletter automation in the way that best suits you.

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