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Increase your newsletters' click rates by 28%
(compared to Mailchimp or similar)
Thousands of publishers around the world use Echobox every day. You're in good hands

Scale and monetize your newsletters at the click of a button

Let Echobox’s automation scale your newsletters, while you get on with the creative stuff. Whether you want to send 1 or 100 campaigns the workflow stays the same. Simply set up your content feeds and editorial guidelines, and let Echobox handle the rest

Grow your newsletters, grow your subscriptions, grow your revenue. No extra resource required

Turbocharge engagement with AI-automated newsletter personalization

Echobox increases your open and click rates by delivering individually tailored newsletters sent at the right time for each subscriber. It automatically personalizes content selection, content order and send times


higher open rates using send time personalization


higher open rates when switching from Mailchimp or similar


higher click rates using content personalization


higher click rates when switching from Mailchimp or similar

It all works to make sure that your subscribers are seeing the best content for them at the best time

Everything you need to grow your subscribers in one place

Easy to set up

Connect your content feeds, so it flows in automatically

Easy to integrate

Integrate a whole suite of platforms including a range of CRMs, CDPs and ad tech platforms

Easy to customize

Designed for flexibility, automate all or part of your workflow and use automation your way

Easy to use

Streamlined modern UI makes generating emails and analyzing performance a breeze. Powerful needn’t be complex

Easy to monetize

Seamlessly integrate Echobox with advertising solutions like LiveIntent, Google Ad Manager and others

It's now simpler than ever to create perfect newsletters that propel your subscription strategy, all while saving countless hours per day

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