Fully automate your editorial newsletters and marketing emails

Send perfect newsletters to your audience, every time
Thousands of publishers around the world use Echobox every day. You're in good hands

Save time with innovative, AI-powered newsletter software

Generate unique newsletters in only 10 seconds, fully optimized to increase open rates and click rates. Captivate subscribers with eye-catching templates precisely tailored to engage your particular audience.

Echobox Email is the only newsletter software designed specifically for publishers, allowing you to streamline workflows with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

Publishers achieve 40% higher open rates and 28% higher click rates on average when switching from Mailchimp to Echobox. Learn more.

Personalize your emails, with no effort required

No two subscribers are alike, and what works for one person may not work for another. Echobox Email can automatically personalize content and send times for each of your subscribers, such as:


Which content resonates best with my subscribers?


In which order should my content be presented?


When should my emails be sent to maximize opens?


What are my subscribers interested in?

Fully automated A/B testing converges on the perfect newsletter design for each of your audiences, taking the guesswork out of your newsletters and delivering results for your publication.

Unrivalled innovations for publishers

Intelligent content curation

Use RSS feeds to populate different newsletters or even different sections of the same newsletter. Our renowned virality prediction technology will pick your best content.

Optimal design and send times

Our AI maximizes newsletter performance by determining the best content order, design and send times for each unique audience.

Fully automated A/B testing

Take the guesswork out of optimizing your newsletters. Automatic A/B testing means each edition is more effective than the last.

Full or flexible automation

Let Echobox Email automatically curate, optimize and send your newsletters, or use our AI's suggestions as a guide while maintaining manual control.

Streamlined subscriber flows

Drive new subscribers with our hosted signup flows, customized for your brand, or easily integrate Echobox Email with your own website.

The first newsletter software designed exclusively for publishers and their unique workflows, Echobox Email places the power of advanced AI in publishers' hands. It's now simpler than ever to create perfect newsletters that propel your subscription strategy, all while saving countless hours per day.

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