We’re excited to announce the release of our brand new social media monitoring solution: Echobox Benchmarks.

Social media monitoring and social media management go hand in hand. Whether you want to  keep track of the performance of your own Facebook pages, discover trending topics or analyze peer strategies, you need to know what to post.

Many Echobox users currently use CrowdTangle for this. So, when Meta (its parent company since its 2016 acquisition) announced its closure in August, many were left wondering how to replace it. That’s where Echobox Benchmarks comes in, our new social media monitoring solution for Facebook.

So, what is it? How does it work? And, most importantly, why should you be using it?

What is social media monitoring and why should I be doing it?

Social media is a busy place. It’s a hotbed of conversation, a breeding ground for trends, and a crucial tool for connecting with your audience. But with so much noise on various platforms, how can you best assess your performance? How best to keep on top of which topics are driving the most engagement?

Of course, Echobox can do this all for you. Using a range of advanced algorithms, Echobox analyzes your website traffic, your historic and current social performance and millions of data points from other publishers around the world. And the resulting virality scores let you know what you should be sharing at any given moment to maximize traffic for your page. 

But if you want to know how your pages are doing versus your peers, or what topics are driving engagement for them, you need something extra. Enter the powerful concept of social media monitoring.

Social media monitoring is a strategic approach that involves benchmarking your pages’ performance, actively tracking trends, and gathering valuable insights to inform your social media strategy.

By understanding the power of social media monitoring and implementing the right strategies, you can transform your social media efforts by ramping up engagement.

How else can you boost engagement?

Seeing low engagement from your Facebook pages? Did you know Echobox can help? Set your goal to “engagement” in Echobox and our algorithms will adapt your sharing strategy to optimize your shares accordingly.

How does Echobox Benchmarks work?

Echobox Benchmarks is simple to use, but really powerful in the insights it delivers. It has two tabs: Leaders and Shares. Let’s take Leaders first.


Leaders is where you can track the performance of your Facebook pages and those of your peers. Both Leaders and Shares are composed of boards. To set up a board, simply give it a name (World News, for instance) and choose which Facebook pages to include on it.

Dropdown showing how boards are populated with Facebook Pages in Echobox Benchmarks, a new social media monitoring solution.

You’ll end up with something like this.

From here you can see the number of shares each page makes, the amount of engagement they receive, their Share of Voice (the percentage of engagement each page gets from the total engagement of your board as a whole) and the number of followers.


The Shares tab lets you get even more granular. Here you can see shares from each board.

You can filter and sort shares in a range of different ways to better understand what your peers are posting, what topics are getting strong engagement and how your shares are doing in comparison.

One of the most interesting ways to sort shares is by “overperformance”. This means that a share that is getting more engagement than we would expect based on its number of followers. Sorting by overperformance allows you to quickly see which shares are getting strong engagement at any given time.

Takeaways – social media monitoring at your fingertips

So that’s it for now! You should see Echobox Benchmarks appear in your Echobox in the next few weeks. Make sure to give it a try and see what insights you can discover. As always, if you have any questions about how it works or what insights it can deliver, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success rep. They’ll be more than happy to help. And once you do use Echobox Benchmarks, let us know what you think! Your feedback will help us to improve it in the future as we add new features and functionalities.

If you don’t already use Echobox, why not?! Echobox is the most advanced content distribution platform for publishers. Whether it’s on social media or email, Echobox uses state-of-the-art AI and automation to make complex manual workflows a thing of the past, maximize performance and increase ROI.