Ever looked at your Facebook post and wondered: Am I doing this right? 

Facebook is by far the most important social media platform for publishers to share their content, but there’s strong competition for those eyeballs. Luckily, every part of a post is optimizable. At Echobox we spend a great deal of time analyzing publisher performance on Facebook, looking for patterns and testing the latest advice. Our detailed findings are published in white papers that cover all aspects of posting on social media, helping you to achieve better performance.

Below we’ve compiled some of our most useful insights for publishers looking to drive maximum traffic from their Facebook posts:

Anatomy of a Facebook post

Download the full reports for more tactical tips on optimizing your Facebook shares: 

Each of these recommendations and data points is the result of extensive testing in partnership with over 1,000 of the biggest names in publishing the world over, all of whom use Echobox. Publishers of all types and content verticals rely on Echobox to automate content curation, optimization and distribution through social media and newsletters, saving time and increasing performance.

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