According to G2, there are currently more than 200 social media management platforms on the market. Most of these tools claim to boost performance in some way or another, and a subset of these even claim to be using artificial intelligence.

With hundreds of options, how can you tell which one is the right one for you as a publisher?

As we are not aware of any existing data-backed studies comparing the leading social media publishing tools’ impact on publishers’ social traffic, we decided to analyze our extensive pool of publisher data (more than 800 publishers, including 25% of the world’s newspapers of record) to find out which social media management platform generates the most traffic for publishers.

For our study, we used absolute daily pageviews from Facebook as our metric for traffic, as it’s a metric commonly used by publishers to assess performance. We measured publishers’ traffic data for up to 6 months prior to their use of Echobox (while they were using another social media publishing platform), then compared that timeframe with an equivalent period of Echobox usage. We used the median average across publishers to account for outliers and normalized pageviews to 100 to ensure an accurate and fair comparison between publishers with varying sizes.

This is what our study uncovered:

Facebook Traffic by Social Media Publishing Platform (daily pageviews, normalized to 100)

Compared to Buffer, Echobox drives 71% more daily Facebook pageviews.

Compared to Sprinklr, Echobox drives 66% more daily Facebook pageviews.

Compared to SocialFlow, Echobox drives 43% more daily Facebook pageviews.

Compared to Hootsuite, Echobox drives 34% more daily Facebook pageviews.

And compared to managing social media manually (using no social media publishing solution), Echobox drives 56% more daily Facebook pageviews.

Why does Echobox outperform other social media platforms?

There are good reasons for the outcome of our study. Echobox was the first social media solution built from the ground up using artificial intelligence. In fact, back in 2013 when Echobox was founded, the notion that scheduling on social media could be “optimized through technology” (or even automated) was a foreign one. No other social media solution back then worked on this problem. Today however, that distinctive approach we took has now become the norm, which makes us proud.

We’re known in the market for being arguably the most “scientific” social media solution. Everything we do and claim is based on scientific evidence. Our core team consists of highly technical academics who have been educated at world-leading institutions. Taking a scientific approach to everything we do is in our DNA.

Over the last seven years, Echobox’s artificial intelligence has captured and learned from more than 245 million data points from the world’s leading publishers. These vast data sets allow our artificial intelligence to reverse-engineer Facebook’s algorithm changes, which is yet another reason why publishers on our platform are less affected than others.

Moreover, all Echobox algorithms are tailored to every single client, using Audience Graphs, another unique innovation of ours. Audience Graphs are granular mathematical representations of a publisher’s social media audience, which adapt Echobox’s artificial intelligence to your editorial guidelines.

Echobox also offers the only organic A/B Testing solution for Facebook, enabling publishers to carry out scientifically rigorous hypothesis testing.

These are some of the reasons why Echobox outperforms other social media solutions for publishers.

“Since using Echobox we’ve seen a major upswing in our traffic and saved valuable time.”
– Anne Pican, Digital Editor, Le Figaro

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