Hot on the heels of our recent recognitions, Echobox is thrilled to receive both Best Customer Support and Best Feature Set awards from TrustRadius in the Social Media Publishing category.


More selective than TrustRadius’ commonly seen “Top Rated” awards, these brand-new awards are unique as they address three key attributes most critical to buyers: Customer Support, Feature Set and Usability. 


According to TrustRadius, these awards are intended to help “buyers narrow down their choices in crowded markets” and consequently are only granted to up to three winners per attribute and per category. 


We are therefore proud to win not only one but two of these exclusive awards in the Social Media Publishing subcategory of Best of Marketing Software 2021!


Why did Echobox win these awards? 

TrustRadius selected winners based on ratings and reviews received from customers. 

To win the Best Customer Support award, each nominated organization had to receive 10 TrustRadius reviews in the past year that featured specific mention of their product’s customer support. Similarly, to win the Best Feature Set award, each nominated organization had to receive 10 TrustRadius reviews in the past year containing a specific mention of their product’s feature set.


Winners also had to rank in the top three positions of their category in terms of what percentage of positive responses they earned this year. Additional vetting via textual review analysis was also performed by the TrustRadius research team. 


With an average score of 8.5 out of 10 on TrustRadius, Echobox is a favorite of many of the world’s leading publishers. Read our reviews to see why publishers choose Echobox for their social media publishing.


“Echobox earned a ‘Best of Support’ and a ‘Best Feature Set’ award from TrustRadius based directly on feedback from customers,” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “Reviewers highlight the product’s easy implementation, fast customer support, and strong analytics features.”


Antoine Amann, Echobox founder and CEO, adds: “Serving publishers is our top priority and we work hard to continuously offer exciting new innovations to drive their success. We are honored to see our world-class customer support and unique, robust feature set recognized by our clients and by TrustRadius.”


Why Echobox has the Best Feature Set

At Echobox, we have a track record of building things that others had ruled out as impossible. We provide publishers with the most advanced technologies to help them excel in their digital strategies. Our solution is rich in never-before-seen features powered by AI for publishers, including:


  • The first-ever organic A/B Testing tool for Facebook
  • A breaking news detection engine
  • AI-generated share messages 
  • Automated cross-platform posting
  • Post timing optimization
  • Share frequency optimization
  • Highly accurate virality predictions
  • An algorithm that reverse-engineers Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm
  • Keyword rules for nuanced control
  • Audience Graphs (a novel way to mathematically represent a publisher’s audience)


Learn more about Echobox’s powerful feature set. 


“The ability to schedule posts at specific times or have Echobox pick the best time for posting covers all the different needs of our posting strategy. The easy setup of A/B test on posts and automatic selection of the winner helps us optimize our performance.”
Read the review on TrustRadius


“Echobox’s AI provides a more well-rounded ability to share across multiple accounts, with more features like AB headline testing and optimal sharing times, while simultaneously allowing journalists to take advantage of automatic posting.”
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Why Echobox has the Best Customer Support

Our Customer Success team ensures clients get the most value from Echobox, helping them use our technologies in the best possible way. We provide 24/7 technical support and a rapid response time to any queries, so our customers get quick answers wherever they are. From onboarding to supporting ongoing growth, our Customer Success experts are with our clients at every step of the way.


“Echobox has incredible support and artificial intelligence. I feel so much better after implementing it that our content is being seen and shared.”
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“When we have questions or problems, we always get fast support. Echobox people are all so friendly and reliable. They are always eager and willing to help. They are patient and will walk you through your problems, may it be small or big. They are always ready to assist clients.”
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