Drive actionable insights

Track your social media performance and make impactful decisions
Over 1000 leading publishers around the world use Echobox every day

Keep a complete overview of your performance

We collect and aggregate your performance data from all your social accounts into your Echobox. No more senseless browsing of various analytics dashboards to understand what's going on. Find all you'll ever need on Echobox.

All in one

We gather the most vital analytics metrics from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for you.

Make actionable decisions from a single dashboard

Use Echobox to give you insights you can rely on. Make strategic decisions that will help you excel on social media.

With our advanced analytics dashboard, you can find answers to countless vital questions, such as on what to reshare, or which channels perform best.

  • Which content shall I reshare?
  • Which post performed best this week?
  • What click-through rates (CTRs) does my content get?
  • How many times are my videos viewed?
  • Which editors/channels performed best this month?

Let Echobox do the hard work for you

Do you regularly build internal reports? No more need to keep exporting and aggregating data from different places for your reporting.

Simply export one single CSV file from Echobox that contains all important data and build reports in a simple click.

Our users save on average 3 hours a week building reports when using Echobox.

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