Publisher groups can now unlock significant time savings – by cross-posting articles with automatically updated domains in just seconds

London, UK – December 1, 2020: Echobox announces the release of a new time-saving feature set for publishers who cross-post content across social media pages and platforms. Publishers, including those with multiple brands, can now save hours each week with the most streamlined and customizable social publishing workflow in the market.

Unparalleled in its ease-of-use, this new feature set from Echobox, the AI-powered social publishing platform, lets publishers cross-post articles to multiple social pages (i.e. main page, Lifestyle, Culture) across multiple platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) and properties (i.e. different news brands) with just one click. 

Echobox’s new automatic domain switching feature streamlines cross-posting even further by allowing domains to be consistently white-labelled according to a publisher’s custom specifications. With a single share in Echobox, publishers can post the same article to multiple social media pages across multiple properties, while ensuring the article’s domain is automatically replaced with the domain of the property on whose social page it appears. 

How It Works

Diagram showing how Echobox automatic domain switching works for publisher groups

The above publisher with multiple brands and multiple Facebook pages can share a single article in the Echobox interface. Echobox will automatically update the article’s domain to match each respective property before the article is posted.

This feature is ideal for larger publishers who have multiple brands and who wish to share the same content across these brands in a white-labelled manner. Echobox’s automatic domain switching is fully customizable, so publishers can configure it to their particular needs. Combined with Echobox’s easy-to-use interface and powerful cross-posting capabilities, this feature offers significant time-savings to large or complex publisher groups. 

In summary, these Echobox features enable publishers to:

  • Share a post on multiple pages and properties with just one action
  • Share a post across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Instagram with just one action
  • Automatically replace the URLs on any shared posts

Customers including News UK, The Telegraph, Conde Nast and The Independent use Echobox to cross-post content across numerous social pages while realizing substantial efficiency gains.

Antoine Amann, CEO of Echobox, said: “Many publishing groups spend significant time posting white-label content across multiple social media pages. Echobox now removes this requirement – a publisher can send social traffic to large numbers of websites in just a few clicks, and save huge amounts of time in the process.”

About Echobox

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