Echobox today publishes what we believe to be the largest-ever analysis of Brexit news consumption ever completed in the UK.


Over the last four months, we’ve analysed the viewing trends for almost 13,000 news articles about Brexit published by 35 of the UK’s leading news publishers including The Times, The Sun and The Guardian.


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The analysis is unique as, unlike most polls and surveys, it does not extrapolate from small samples.


With a combined 95.6m pageviews, Brexit makes up 1.63% of all consumed news, twice as much as articles on football and tennis combined. Here are a few highlights of what we found:

  • Brexit news interest is relatively stable — with some notable spikes, especially during the last few weeks.
  • There is a huge variation of interest in Brexit news around the UK, with parts of Scotland especially disengaged.
  • Londoners are far more interested in Brexit than the rest of the UK.
  • The younger you are, the less you are interested in Brexit news, and the over 65s can’t get enough.
  • Men are significantly more interested in Brexit news than women.

Check out the full interactive Brexit Showcase to see the insight in more detail including charts, graphs and downloads.


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