Newsletters are making a comeback as readers and publishers alike rediscover the power of this classic communication tool. Amidst the constant torrent of news and noise, it can be all the more valuable to have a focused, expert-curated selection delivered straight to your inbox.


At Echobox, we’re right at the intersection of two fast-paced worlds which see exciting developments every day: journalism and technology. One way we keep our fingers on the pulse is by regularly reading high-quality newsletters about journalism news and media trends. Today we’re sharing our recommendations for publishers on 9 excellent free newsletters we find particularly useful. Subscribe to these gems to breathe some new life into your inbox!

1. The Poynter Report with Tom Jones

Why we like it: Every day, you get a front-row seat to major events in the US media and issues affecting newsrooms. What makes this media newsletter particularly special is the commentary and analysis from industry veteran Tom Jones, who helps readers break down and make sense of the big stories. While this one is a bit of a longer read, Tom Jones’ expert analysis is worth it. You’ll have an enriched understanding of what’s happening in the US media landscape, and get worthwhile recommendations for outstanding interviews and reporting you may have missed. 


Frequency: Daily 


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2. “Top Stories” from Columbia Journalism Review

Why we like it: This media newsletter is delightfully minimalist, with just 6 stories highlighted each week. Its compact, simple format makes it easy to scan quickly, though with the enticing selection presented each week, you may find yourself taking the time to read all 6 featured stories. The Columbia Journalism Review – “the voice of journalism” – shares deep insights into the larger issues and ethical questions facing journalists in the US and beyond. It’s a great weekly read for all publishers and anyone interested in journalism.


Frequency: Weekly


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3. The Daily Digest from the Nieman Lab

Why we like it: “The Daily Digest” offers a practical balance of content each day – they highlight just 2 or 3 of their key pieces of “news about the news”, followed by a meaty selection of articles from other sources. These range from publisher case studies to international media news to tools for journalists. Compared to the other media newsletters we recommend here, this one has a more global scope and tends to feature content from a broader network, giving subscribers opportunities to broaden their exposure and discover new publications.


Frequency: Daily


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4. JournalismAI newsletter 

Why we like it: Though likely lesser known than some of the others on this list, the JournalismAI newsletter is an essential and worthwhile read for the fascinating views it offers of the AI-serviced newsroom. If you’re curious about all the different ways publishers are using artificial intelligence, the JournalismAI newsletter is an excellent window into the topic. A project of Polis (journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science), JournalismAI currently uses its newsletter to highlight findings from its JournalismAI Collab experiment in which news publishers from around the world “discover, test and demonstrate the potential of AI” for journalism. We at Echobox know how AI empowers journalists and recommend this unique newsletter to any publishers who want to see real-life applications in the newsroom.


Frequency: Monthly


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5. What’s New in Publishing newsletter

Why we like it: This weekly offering from What’s New in Publishing is like the tasty sharing platter of media newsletters – it’s an assortment of diverse and delectable tidbits, with something for everyone. From monetization tips and transformational guides to case studies and industry news, the What’s New in Publishing newsletter offers content to help publishers stay informed and discover new ideas for improving performance. Food for thought indeed.


Frequency: Weekly


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6. Echobox Resources 

Why we like it: Curious minds will find satisfaction in the unique research we feature in our newsletter. Get fresh data and insights about publishers and social media that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s our latest social platforms research, publisher performance analyses, or case studies about publishers and AI, you’ll be the first to know about Echobox discoveries. Delivery once a month means we won’t saturate your inbox.


Frequency: Monthly


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7. Axios Media Trends

Why we like it: Axios knows how to do newsletters. They pack an impressive amount of information in a format that’s as reader-friendly as possible, complete with word count warning at the top. Axios Media Trends is no exception – it’s like having your own week in  review of the latest media news as it relates to tech, politics, policy and business . If you don’t have time for it all, you can close your inbox satisfied knowing you’ve at least absorbed the “1 big thing” at the start.


Frequency: Weekly


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Why we like it: As its name indicates, this newsletter is all about journalism and is dedicated to the people who practice it. Seasoned and aspiring journalists alike will find a bevy of resources in this newsletter, including tips for both your day-to-day work and longer-term journalism career, as well as job listings and diverse training courses on offer. For those of you outside the UK, don’t be fooled by the name – this newsletter features insights and resources that are useful for publishers in any country. 


Frequency: Daily


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9. Press Gazette Daily

Why we like it: Last but by no means least is Press Gazette Daily, which provides an insider’s view of the British journalism scene. Focused mainly on the UK media landscape, this newsletter covers newsroom trends and challenges, exclusive editor interviews, readership and circulation, people moves and reader poll results. It also offers valuable coverage of the UK’s regional press, all packaged in a digestible format that makes it a pleasure to read each day.

Frequency: Daily


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Happy reading!