Announcing a special offer for Pulitzer Prize winners

For news publishers, there’s one award that stands apart from the rest as the most distinguished recognition of journalistic excellence: the Pulitzer Prize.

Awarded annually for more than 100 years running, the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism is regarded as the highest distinction a US journalist and/or publication can receive. There are 14 categories ranging from Investigative Reporting to Editorial Cartooning (with a 15th category, Audio Reporting, introduced this year). If you think of the most respected institutions of American journalism, there’s a good chance they’ve won a Pulitzer (or two, or… 127, in the case of The New York Times).

At Echobox, we know how important quality journalism is for our world, and our future. We also believe that leaders in journalism deserve the best tools and technology to help them with their mission of delivering the very best in news. That’s why we’re launching a new initiative that gives Pulitzer Prize winners the opportunity to use the world’s most advanced social media solution free of charge, for a full year.

With Echobox, publishers get an innovative social media publishing solution that’s powered by artificial intelligence. Built from the ground up for news organizations, Echobox uses its novel artificial intelligence technology to increase traffic and save valuable time. More than 700 leading publishers around the world, including Newsweek, The Guardian, The Telegraph and El País, use Echobox to power their social media.

By simplifying your social media publishing with Echobox, you can focus on telling powerful stories and delivering the quality journalism that’s critical to our society.

Are you a 2019 Pulitzer Prize-winning news organization? Get in touch to claim your offer. This offer is subject to the terms and conditions of Echobox.

And stay tuned until April, when the next Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists will be announced.