Update: 6 April 2023

For the last two days, we have been working around the clock to develop a solution that will allow our customers to reliably connect their Twitter pages and share optimized Tweets via Echobox just as they have before.

The complete lack of communication on Twitter’s side, both before and after they cut off API access for countless companies, has made this even more complicated.

Thankfully, our team has already developed a workaround which we are now getting ready for customer-release.

We understand that the upcoming Easter holidays mean that our customers rely on Echobox even more than normally. We can assure you that we will continue working throughout the Easter holidays to share our solution with you as quickly as possible.

In order to reconnect Echobox with Twitter, we will need you to follow a few simple steps. We kindly ask you to already put these in place while we finalize our solution. This will allow you to resume sharing to Twitter immediately once our engineers have completed their work.

See our step-by-step guide here (Echobox login required)

Thank you very much for your understanding and your cooperation. We will keep you updated on any further developments, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@echobox.com or your dedicated CS representative if you have any questions in the meantime.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, in the past 24 hours Twitter unexpectedly disconnected API access of many companies without warning, including Echobox. Twitter does not have a developer support function to help resolve such issues, and our customers have been, therefore, not able to post to Twitter.

This turn of events has taken the publishing and tech industries completely by surprise, and we have launched a new Twitter integration that will allow our customers to keep posting to Twitter through Echobox. We want to apologize to all our customers who are inconvenienced by this even though Twitter’s internal decision-making is beyond our control. We’ve been integrated with Twitter for close to a decade now. Over 2,000 leading publishers from over 100 countries rely on Echobox to distribute their great content onto Twitter’s platform, thus benefiting Twitter’s vibrant community. Although we’ve been navigating Twitter’s numerous turmoils since its new ownership under Elon Musk, we’re surprised by Twitter’s sudden suspension of a leading social media solution like Echobox.

As we value all our customers and are aware of the disruption Twitter’s actions will have caused, we would like to offer all Echobox customers with a connected Twitter account one month of our TikTok integration, free of charge. Please contact your account manager.

What happened? 

In February, Twitter announced a major restructuring of its business model that would end free access to its API, instituting a tiered model in its place. Despite this announcement, exact details were in short supply.

Last Wednesday, Twitter announced there would be three tiers: Free, Basic and Enterprise, with each tier offering greater levels of functionality including an increasing number of “tweet requests” (the number of tweets we can send on your behalf) per month. Twitter has however not provided specifics on their Enterprise tier, which is the tier Echobox would require, as Echobox posts about 1.5 million tweets per month.

When Twitter announced these new tiers last week, we immediately sought to sign up for the Enterprise tier. We were directed to a Google Form to fill in, which we did.

Meanwhile, reports emerged of the pricing for the Enterprise tier. According to these reports, Enterprise access starts at $42,000 per month, which is an astonishingly high number for API access. We have yet to receive any indication from Twitter whether these reports are accurate, but if they are, this is a cost that Echobox would be forced to place on our customers, increasing Echobox fees by staggering amounts, which we’re looking to avoid.

We still have had no response from Twitter’s enterprise sales team and our access to the API was cut off without notice yesterday. Frankly, we are dumbfounded and it seems very odd behavior by an enterprise like Twitter.

Due to this situation, we are building a new integration with Twitter that should allow our customers to keep sharing on Twitter at no additional cost. In order to connect Twitter to Echobox, please follow this guide (Echobox login required).