Multivariate Testing

Hassle-free, continuous
multivariate testing for newsletters

Crafting the perfect newsletter has never been easier
Over 1000 leading publishers around the world use Echobox every day

Turbocharge your newsletters with A/B testing

In order to save valuable time and maximize open rates and click rates, Echobox Email automatically A/B tests your email newsletters to give you a fine-grained analysis of what works and what doesn't. Without spending a second on setup or analysis, and without any extra complication to your workflow, you can now craft the perfect newsletter. All you have to do is press send.

Boost open rate and click rate

Send each email at the right time to boost your open rates. Find out which content and design get readers to click through to your website to keep reading.

Grow subscriptions

Optimize your content to grow your newsletter base, or convert more readers into paying subscribers.

Let our intelligent A/B testing do the heavy lifting

Take the guesswork out of designing and building your newsletters. Find your perfect newsletter template that will maximize reader engagement and click rates - all automatically.


What style and elements resonate best with my audience?


How should my content be presented?


Which colors are most effective at increasing click rates?

Fonts and spacing

How should my newsletter's text be formatted?

Discover these answers and many others. Revise your strategy accordingly to keep improving the quality of your newsletters and grow your subscriber base as a result.

Fully automated A/B testing for newsletters

Echobox Email uses automatic newsletter A/B testing to ensure that your newsletter design is optimally adapted to your audience. No more one-size-fits-all approaches: Echobox's automated newsletter software uses AI to customize each email's layout, design and appearance to maximize your open and click rates.

Sophisticated machine learning processes allow Echobox Email to calculate not only which variations are more successful, but which elements of those newsletters provide performance boosts.

Through a series of automatic A/B tests, Echobox Email converges upon the most successful blend of elements to ensure your audience stays engaged.

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