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2023 Social Media Benchmarks: Twitter Pageviews

What percentage of social media traffic does Twitter drive for businesses?

Social media benchmarks are a necessity for any social media team looking to evaluate their own performance on social media platforms. This benchmarking data is often hard to come by, though.

For this analysis, we looked at social pageviews from Twitter (the percentage of pageviews that businesses receive from Twitter as a proportion of all pageviews from social media). We used data from over 600 Twitter pages, 21 countries and 11 languages to produce a comprehensive account of how Twitter performs against other platforms in driving traffic for different content verticals, languages and countries.

Read on and find out more.

  • What percentage of social traffic can you expect from Twitter?
  • What portion of traffic does Twitter drive for each content vertical?
  • How does the percentage of social traffic from Twitter vary by country?