Boost your content's vital signs with advanced AI

Getting reliable information out to the public is a key concern for many healthcare companies today. How can you expand the reach of your content and user engagement along with it? Echobox uses pioneering AI to automate content distribution on social media, emails and newsletters, making sure that your information is shared at the best time to maximize impact and performance.

  • Automatically post your content at the best times for wider reach
  • A/B testing feature on Facebook gives you a deeper understanding of your audience
  • Save hours each day, and start spending your time on more impactful work
Average increase in pageviews from social media
Average increase in email open rates

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A totally flexible workflow for the healthcare industry

Everyone’s workflow is different, and Echobox is designed to be used how you want to use it. Automation is at the heart of Echobox, but its AI can be put to use to augment manual workflows too, giving you ultimate control of what you post and when.

Virality Scores

Echobox’s AI uses a broad range of data to understand what content is likely to perform well with your audience at any moment. With this, your content is assigned a score to tell you which piece is likely to go viral at that time.

AI share messages

You no longer need to spend precious time guessing at the perfect share message for your posts. Powerful machine learning technology lets Echobox understand your content and generate an optimized one instantly.

Social cross-posting made simple

Managing multiple social media accounts can take up a lot of time each day. Echobox allows you to post your content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn from one centralized platform, with just a few clicks.

And that’s not all. You can edit photos with filters, stickers and more with our in-built photo editor, as well as find recommendations for #hashtags and @mentions to increase the reach of your content.


Resource: Facebook’s penalization algorithm revealed

Read our groundbreaking study into how Facebook penalizes certain posts, and learn how to optimize your own social media performance.

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AI-generated newsletters

An increasing number of healthcare companies are investing in a newsletters strategy to keep audiences informed and foster engagement.

Echobox’s AI-generated newsletters can create a fully optimized newsletter in under 10 seconds, while automated multivariate testing means that each new email is more tailored to the preferences of your audiences than the last.

Effortlessly reshare content

Resharing your existing content is a cost effective and efficient way of getting the most value from every piece.

Simply tag your best performing articles as Evergreen, and Echobox can automatically reshare them at a time designed to maximize engagement.

In-depth analytics

Understanding how your posts are performing has never been simpler.

Echobox’s analytics capabilities provide a window onto the effectiveness of your social media strategy, allowing you to adapt and optimize to your audience.

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