Academic institutions build communities with Echobox

Echobox makes interacting with students and alumni simple. Use market-leading AI technology to automate your social media posts, increase engagement and reach, and send fully optimized newsletters designed to improve click rates.

  • Automate your institution’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts from a single interface
  • Create and send fully tailored newsletters to students and alumni in just seconds to scale your newsletter strategy
  • Generate huge time savings with social media automation for schools and universities
Average increase in pageviews from social media
Average increase in email open rates

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Leading academic institutions use Echobox every day

Engage your audience with automation

By sharing the right material at the right time you can vastly increase how many people engage with your content, ensuring your community of students and alumni are informed and energized by your communications. Echobox uses advanced AI to optimize curation, send times and reach.

Enhance your newsletter strategy

Automatic multivariate testing determines the perfect design for your newsletter.

Automate your social media

Natural language processing technology means Echobox can understand the content of your post and suggest optimal share messages to increase clicks.

The smartest social media automation for your institution

Streamlined workflow

Cross-post your content to different platforms with one simple interface.


Easily see how your posts are performing and derive actionable insights to increase performance.


Simply tag high performing posts as Evergreen, and Echobox will automatically reshare them at the best time to maximize engagement.

A/B testing

Understand your audience with our unique Facebook A/B testing functionality.

Smart automation

Simply upload your content and let Echobox find the perfect time to send.

Social Media Automation

Resource: Facebook’s penalization algorithm revealed

Read our groundbreaking study into how Facebook penalizes certain posts, and learn how to optimize your own social media performance.

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Save hours each day

Do you manage multiple social media pages or several email newsletters for your institution?

Whether your team is lean or large and dispersed, Echobox saves you time by centralizing all posting and emails in one intuitive platform. Let automation do the heavy lifting and gain back valuable hours.

Engage effectively

Whether you’re keeping in touch with alumni or updating your students on the latest news, Echobox makes it easy.

Our advanced AI finds your best content and shares it at the right time to engage your audiences on both social media and email.

Recruit new students

Build your institution’s reputation and share a window into student life by offering a fresh flow of news, events, programs, research and more – all automatically.

Echobox ensures your news and content achieve the widest exposure so you can connect with past, present and future students when it matters.

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