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Broadcasters around the world use Echobox’s pioneering automation for social media and newsletters to extend reach, increase email open rates and drive audience engagement.

Cutting edge AI is at your fingertips.

  • Manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn from 1 intuitive interface
  • Innovative A/B testing for Facebook allows you to understand your audience like never before
  • Ensure a round-the-clock presence regardless of team size

"Echobox performs a central role. For us it is one of the business’ most important tools."

Average increase in pageviews from social media
Average increase in email open rates

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Leading broadcasters worldwide use Echobox
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Bahakel Communications
Director of Digital Content
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"Echobox's custom algorithms allow for our posts to get more engagement than they were getting on Hootsuite or Buffer."

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Sky Sport
Sports Digital Team Lead
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"Very smart and fast. It saves a lot of time and helps us to spread our posts over the whole day and night."

Social Media Automation for Broadcasters

Social media workflows designed for broadcasters

Full Automation

Let Echobox take care of posting with class-leading AI that understands what to post when for best performance.


Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn from one centralized platform.

Photo editing

Edit images with a suite of integrated features including filters, stickers, brushes and text designs.

A/B Testing

Unique-in-the-market Facebook A/B testing lets you gain deep insights into your audience and tailor your content.

Optimal resharing

Let Echobox reshare your best performing evergreen content at the best time, gaining more traffic and ensuring constant coverage.

Flexible social media and newsletter automation

Echobox uses powerful AI to offer a range of features designed for full flexibility to suit your individual use case and preferences.

Fully automate your social media and newsletters for ultimate time savings. Or simply use AI-derived insights to augment your manual workflow.

#hashtag and @mentions recommendations

Use the best hashtags and mentions to increase social engagement using our AI generated recommendations.

Auto share messages

AI and NLP technology can understand your content and provide the perfect share message.

AI Automation for Broadcasters

Save time with newsletter automation for broadcasters

Scaling your newsletter program has never been simpler or more cost-effective. Echobox’s state-of-the-art technology produces fully optimized newsletters in less than 10 seconds while increasing open rates, click rates and reader engagement. Simply upload your content via an RSS feed and let Echobox do the rest.

Automatic testing

Automatically test your newsletter’s design and layout to arrive at the best product for your audience.

Optimal send time

Echobox sends your newsletters at the optimal time for each individual subscriber.


Effortlessly scale your newsletter program to offer even more targeted newsletters.

Automation ON

Let Echobox create and send the perfect email at the right time for your audience with automation turned on.

Resource: Facebook’s penalization algorithm revealed

Read our groundbreaking study into how Facebook penalizes certain posts, and learn how to optimize your own social media performance.

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Breaking news detection

Never miss the perfect moment.

Echobox automatically detects your breaking news stories and shares them at the best time. Your breaking news can even be reshared later on to maximize traffic and reach whilst always being timely.

Virality scores

Echobox’s AI is constantly learning from your audience.

Based on its real-time calculations, Echobox provides each piece of content in your feed a virality score, letting you know which content is most likely to go viral and capture people’s attention.

24/7 presence

How can you make sure that you achieve 24 hour coverage with your social media at no extra cost? Automate.

Echobox allows you to maintain your social presence at all times of the day and night, always optimized, without having to do a thing.

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