Give your agency a new superpower

Whether you're a large full-service digital agency or a boutique specialist agency, your clients are your top priority. To ensure your agency is at the top of its game, advanced AI is your perfect ally: maximize each client’s performance while freeing up time to create, engage and strategize.

  • Our AI tailors to each individual client, their content and audience
  • Optimize the performance of client content on social media and email
  • Automate complex manual tasks across client accounts to save time
  • Streamline workflows for multiple collaborators in a single unified platform
Average increase in pageviews from social media when switching to Echobox
Average increase in email open rate compared to Mailchimp

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AI that understands your clients as well as you do

Your clients each have their own needs, strategies, content and audiences – and they look to you to maximize their digital performance. Now, sophisticated AI can help you do the job.

Our AI understands the ins and outs of your clients’ content and audiences, continuously learning from a diverse set of inputs including current trends and your clients’ real-time audience data. Because Echobox tailors to every business, it predicts which content will perform best for each of your clients, and creates, manages and optimizes this content accordingly

When it comes to optimizing your clients’ performance on social media and in emails, let AI do the heavy lifting:

Virality predictor and trending hashtags

Optimal timing for posts and emails

AI-generated share messages and emails

Fully integrated A/B testing

Gain time with powerful and flexible automation

Agency life is life in the fast lane. Between managing multiple accounts and responding to client demands, agencies can often come up short on time. Automation is the answer: by automating routine manual tasks, you can create more time for strategy, creativity, and to respond to your clients’ needs. And with fully flexible automation, you can automate as much or as little as needed for each client.

Automation for emails

Let AI create the perfect email newsletter instantly. Echobox automatically determines the ideal template and optimizes send times for each recipient to maximize open and click rates

Automation for social media

Echobox can understand your clients’ content, suggest share messages and optimal share timing for each social platform, and manage posting – all automatically


Streamlined social media workflows for teams of all sizes

Imagine a single centralized interface for managing all your clients’ social accounts with advanced AI. Whether you’re a one-person show or a global team, whether social media accounts are managed by your agency or in collaboration with your client, Echobox streamlines and automates your workflows across social media platforms.

Tailored AI

Centralize your management while ensuring made-to-measure AI for each client

Cross-platform posting

Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn with just a few clicks

A/B testing

Unique-in-the-market Facebook A/B testing gives deep insights into audience preferences

Social media analytics

Performance measurement and analytics for client reporting

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Major time savings

No two days at an agency are the same. When your work requires a flexible approach, automation can take a load off, leaving you more time and resources to devote to your clients.

With time gained back, you can be an even more effective partner to your clients and grow your agency.

Bespoke AI

You may work with a variety of clients, but they’ve got one thing in common: they expect results.

With an AI that can understand and tailor to each client’s content, audience and data, you can help them hit their digital goals, whether that’s reach and visibility, traffic or engagement.

World-class tech

Keep your agency on the forefront with sophisticated AI for social media and email that’s unmatched in the market.

Our AI responds in real time to algorithm changes and platform trends, meaning your clients’ performance is always protected. Make your agency an indispensable part of your clients’ success.

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