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Echobox Case Study

The Brussels Times spends 96% less time on newsletters

Learn how The Brussels Times uses AI technology to streamline their time-consuming newsletters workflow

The Brussels Times is the largest English language media outlet in Belgium attracting over 2 million visitors to its website each month. As part of its overarching digital strategy, The Brussels Times produces several newsletters, each targeted at different audience segments, helping them to connect with their readers effectively and drive readership. But newsletters are a labour intensive, time-consuming business.

See how The Brussels Times has embraced innovative AI technology to automatically create newsletters in seconds, delivering fully optimized emails that maximize performance with a minimum of effort.

  • Perfect newsletters with none of the fuss
  • Fully automated solution optimizes performance
  • More time to develop their newsletters strategy
    “I trust Echobox Newsletters because it's making the right choices at the right point in the day.”
    - Jules Johnston Consulting Editor at The Brussels Times

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