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Echobox Case Study

Le Figaro more than doubles Facebook impressions

How does Le Figaro save time on social media while increasing reach?

A newspaper of record and a pillar of the French media landscape, Le Figaro maintains an extensive presence on social media, publishing content to millions of followers across many social pages and platforms. Needing to streamline workflows and save time for everyone working on social media, Le Figaro turned to Echobox and its time-saving features built exclusively for publishers.

Learn how Le Figaro manages, schedules and automates its social media posts to drive more reach and engagement while saving one full-time employee equivalent in time saved per day.

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  • 144% increase in Facebook impressions
  • 58% higher engagement on Facebook
  • 59% higher engagement on Twitter
    “The biggest benefits of Echobox for us are the time savings, organization and streamlined workflows. Echobox enables us to be more responsive and productive because of the time saved.”
    – Marie Amélie Putallaz, Head of Social Media at Le Figaro

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