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Echobox Case Study

How The Telegraph drives digital subscriptions and boosts engagement by 205%

Learn how The Telegraph increases audience engagement on social media and grows digital subscriptions.

One of the world’s newspapers of record, The Telegraph is internationally reputed for its quality journalism and leadership in digital transformation. Aiming to achieve 1 million paid subscribers by 2023, The Telegraph uses social media to interact with audiences, engage them, and build trust that ultimately leads to subscriptions.

Having observed that higher audience engagement translates into more subscriptions, The Telegraph focuses on engaging its audiences across social platforms. Discover what strategy The Telegraph team uses to optimize social media posting and grow engagement while saving time for the social media team and journalists across the newsroom.

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  • +45% growth in digital subscriptions
  • +38% overall increase in Facebook clicks
  • +205% more engagement on Facebook posts
    “Social media plays an important role in driving subscriptions. We have stretch targets for subscriptions... and we've been beating them”
    – Elise Johnson, Head of Social Media at The Telegraph

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