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Echobox Case Study

Hearst increases email click rates by 31%

Major brands such as Esquire and Elle transformed their email newsletters with Echobox Email

Hearst Italia is one of the country’s most prominent magazine publishers with major titles including Elle, Esquire and Cosmopolitan.

Editorial teams under the Hearst Italia umbrella use newsletters to cultivate engaged subscribers and bolster a commercial strategy that may involve paid subscriptions in the future. But their newsletter workflow was long and complex, involving outdated software and newsletter designs.

Hearst Italia, therefore, turned to Echobox Email.

Learn how Hearst Italia used Echobox’s AI-powered technology to improve performance and save time.


  • 31% increase in click rates
  • 85% reduction in time spent on newsletters
  • Modernized newsletter design
    “With Echobox there are no more complaints! It's really easy to use and it’s fast. Editorial teams have a more precise way of building newsletters and can be really specific in the content they choose.”
    - Marco Baldini, Head of Data Analytics and Digital Strategy at Hearst Italia