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Echobox Case Study

Handelsblatt increases LinkedIn performance by 333%

How does Handelsblatt grow social traffic while saving 3.5 FTEs in time each day?

One of Germany’s most-read newspapers, Handelsblatt is a prestigious daily focused on business and financial news. To support its subscription strategy, Handelsblatt focuses on providing quality content on social media to engage readers and compel them to subscribe.

Handelsblatt needed to spend less time manually managing its social media publishing and more time creating this crucial quality content. Discover how Handelsblatt embraced artificial intelligence for its social media strategy to achieve significant time-savings while increasing social traffic and engagement.

  • 58% growth in % traffic from LinkedIn
  • 333% more clicks on LinkedIn shares
  • 3.5 FTEs saved in time per day
    “The time savings we get from using Echobox are just immense.”
    – Steffen Meyer, Social Media Editor at Handelsblatt

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