Automated content publishing for NGOs and non-profits

Making sure that every cent counts is the imperative for non-governmental organizations. How can you increase engagement with your content, maintain a 24-hour presence on social media and keep people aware of all of your valuable work?

Echobox is used by organizations around the world to automate the curation and distribution of content on social media and in email newsletters.

  • Automatically publish your content at the optimal time to achieve greater reach and engagement
  • Achieve valuable efficiencies and reduce time and cost expenditures
  • Cross-platform support for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Generate targeted newsletters and bulletins in under 10 seconds
Average increase in pageviews from social media
Average increase in email open rates

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Augment your workflow with AI

Optimizing your social media is a laborious and time consuming process, often led by trial and error. And the stakes for NGOs are high. Social media gives organizations access to millions of potential donors, volunteers and more.

Echobox places the power of AI and machine learning technology in your hands. Fully automate your social media accounts or use Echobox’s innovative technology to aid your manual social media management workflows.

Virality score

Echobox uses AI to recommend the best hashtags and mentions to extend the reach of your social media posts.

Breaking news detection

The news cycle moves fast and you need to be responsive to the latest story almost as soon as it’s happened. Advanced automation has you covered: Echobox can automatically recognize which of your content is Breaking News, then prioritize the publication of that post over all others whilst still optimizing the exact timing of your share.

Drive more funding with newsletter automation

Newsletters are growing in importance all the time. While email newsletters are a great way for NGOs to inform the public of their work and produce committed, repeat donors, building each newsletter can be labor intensive.

Echobox’s unique automated newsletter solution makes sending targeted, individually tailored email newsletters simple, removing the hassle and increasing open rates.

Incredible time savings

Smart content curation

Full or partial automation

Grow your database of donors and volunteers


Resource: Facebook’s penalization algorithm revealed

Read our groundbreaking study into how Facebook penalizes certain posts, and learn how to optimize your own social media performance.

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A/B Testing

Understanding what appeals to your pool of current and potential donors is vital to engage them effectively on social media.

Echobox’s unique A/B testing function allows you to test nearly any element of your posts, from images to share messages to videos and much more, giving you an in-depth view into your audience.

Time savings

Ensuring a regular flow of content to publish can often be so time consuming that there’s no room for more strategic planning.

Echobox gives you your time back. Over 1,500 organizations around the world use Echobox to achieve incredible time savings. Spend your time where it matters the most.

24/7 presence

Maintain coverage morning, noon and night with Echobox automation.

Target audiences around the world at different times of the day or night, keeping everyone informed and engaged no matter where they are.

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