Social media and email automation for your newsroom

Increase pageviews and engagement with the world’s most advanced automation software for publishers. Whether on social media or email newsletters, Echobox’s AI smarts improve your traffic while saving time.

  • Streamline complex workflows with content automatically uploaded and posted across platforms at optimal times
  • Gain back more time for investigation, content creation and audience engagement
  • Unique Facebook A/B testing feature gives you unprecedented insight into your audience

"There’s no question about the benefit. We’re now big believers in the Echobox AI."

Average increase in pageviews from social media
Average increase in email open rates

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The Telegraph
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"The best social publishing tool for publishers."

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Condé Nast
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"Echobox is the best option if you work with social media!"

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"It is a real plus for me and my colleagues. It is smart, easy to use, and really effective. I absolutely love it!"

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"Echobox is the easiest tool I've ever used: it's intuitive, fast-loading, never glitches, everything is on one page, and their support team is excellent."


Social media automation built for publishers

Knowing what to post when is one of the most important aspects of managing a busy social media desk, but it’s not always easy.

Echobox uses state-of-the-art AI and automation to analyze social media platforms every few seconds to post your best content at the best time to maximize reach and pageviews.


Cross-post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn from one centralized interface

Fully flexible

Use our intelligent automation in full or in part to augment your manual posting

Curate and distribute with world-leading AI

Virality scores

Echobox uses advanced AI to analyze your content and determine which articles are most likely to go viral at any given moment.

AI share messages

Natural language processing technology lets Echobox understand the articles and generate optimal share messages.

Bespoke newsletters

Produce and send a fully optimized email newsletter in less than 10 seconds, tailored to your audience.


Label high-performing content as “Evergreen” and Echobox will automatically store and reshare it at the best time.

Breaking News

Tag a post as “Breaking news” and Echobox will share it within a shorter time window, keeping your content timely while still determining the optimal post time.

AI Automation for Newsrooms

Resource: Newsweek doubles Facebook traffic with Echobox

Read how Newsweek switched to Echobox and saw amazing performance gains whilst saving over 20 hours a week.

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AI-powered newsletters

No matter the topic, Echobox can produce a fully optimized newsletter designed to meet the specific requirements of your audience.

Automatic multivariate testing uses slight variations in design and layout to converge upon the perfect newsletter for your readers.

Flexible workflow

However you want to work, Echobox offers total flexibility to find what’s right for you.

Fully automate your social media or augment your manual posting; use automation on nights and weekends or during busy times of the day – the choice is yours.

Integrated photo editing

Easily edit your photos in Echobox for cross-platform posting in just a few clicks.

Use image overlays, stickers filters and more to customize images for each social media platform.

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Discover how our AI learns from your content and audience to boost engagement and save time.