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Finding it difficult to reach your prospective customers? Struggling to compete on noisy digital platforms? Get the competitive edge with advanced AI. Echobox increases visibility of your social media posts and emails by sharing the right content at the right time to maximize reach and engagement.

  • Our AI determines the optimal timing for peak exposure
  • Draw more value from your top performing content using our automated archive
  • Save valuable time with pioneering automation for social media and newsletters
Average increase in pageviews from social media
Average increase in email open rates

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Curate and share with fully responsive automation

Each marketing team has its own challenges – challenges that shift over time. Echobox is designed to be adaptable to any use case, meaning that you can use it in a way that suits your needs.

Fully automate your social media and email newsletters to save countless hours of curating, optimizing, testing and publishing content. Or alternatively, use Echobox’s AI to enhance your manual work with our unrivaled innovations.

Virality scores

Echobox constantly analyzes multiple streams of real-time data to understand what content will perform well with your audience. Our virality scores tell you the best content to post at any given time.

AI recommended #hashtags and @mentions

Our powerful AI algorithmically determines optimal hashtags and mentions to extend the reach of your content.

Increase engagement with newsletter automation

Newsletters are now a vital element of many brands’ engagement strategies, allowing companies to increase the personalization of interactions with consumers and potential customers. But they can be time consuming to produce, and marketers are often left guessing at which content and design will elicit the greatest response.

Echobox’s innovative newsletter technology can create and send fully optimized emails in less than 10 seconds. Using powerful multivariate testing, we’ll automatically test small variations in the design, layout and send time of your newsletters to optimize open and click rates and increase performance.

Incredible time savings

Smart content curation

Full or partial automation

Grow your database of potential clients


Resource: Facebook’s penalization algorithm revealed

Read our groundbreaking study into how Facebook penalizes certain posts, and learn how to optimize your own social media performance.

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Workflow flexibility

Whether it’s a big launch, a time-sensitive campaign or a breaking press release, sometimes you need to act immediately.

Echobox allows you to take full control of your social posting at any time, meaning that you can achieve the perfect mixture of automated and manual shares to suit your specific needs.

A/B testing

Use A/B testing on your organic Facebook posts to gain a deep understanding of your audience and inform your marketing strategy.

Automatically test variations of individual elements of your Facebook posts with scientifically rigorous precision. Echobox will then analyze the results and post the winning variation, optimizing your engagement.

In-depth analytics

Get a full overview of your social media and newsletter performance with Echobox’s analytics capabilities.

Easily understand which posts, emails and content are performing better and use these insights to inform your ongoing content strategy.

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