Promote your products with powerful automation

Take your customer engagement to new heights and showcase your products in the ideal way with revolutionary AI-powered automation for social media and newsletters.

  • Manage multiple brand or product pages across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn from one simple interface
  • Automatically generate perfect social share messages with our NLP technology
  • Drive e-commerce sales with automated newsletters automatically tailored to your customers
Average increase in pageviews from social media
Average increase in email open rates

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Reach more customers with powerful AI

Visibility is the name of the game for retailers. Whether you’re pushing a new promotion, launching a new product, or connecting your brand with new customers, Echobox’s advanced AI ensures maximum reach for your content.

By sharing your best content in the optimal format at the ideal time, on both social media and in email newsletters, Echobox maximizes visibility, reach and customer engagement for retailers.

"Using Echobox saves our social media team several hours of work every week which can be used in more efficient ways to improve in quality and output."  — Highsnobiety

Understand your customers like never before

Use our unique A/B testing function for organic Facebook posts to gain an unrivaled understanding of your prospects and customers.

Test 2 variations of a post and Echobox will analyze performance and share the winning version with your entire audience, all within 15 minutes.


Are shorter or longer videos more effective?


Do vibrant colors engage customers more than muted tones?

Share message

Do customers respond better to longer or shorter share messages?

Image overlays

Do images with your brand logo overlaid increase engagement and conversion?

Discover what works best for each of your product or brand pages, and build a social media strategy that converts more customers. Or turn your email newsletters into high-converting campaigns using fully automated multivariate testing.

A/B Testing for Retailers on Facebook

Resource: Facebook’s penalization algorithm revealed

Read our groundbreaking study into how Facebook penalizes certain posts, and learn how to optimize your own social media performance.

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AI innovations

Struggling to find the perfect share message, #hashtag or @mention?

Echobox’s AI analyzes your audience, Facebook performance data and other real-time inputs to suggest the perfect additions to your posts to increase visibility and reach.

Incredible time-savings

Automation can save you countless hours in the day to devote to more creative activities.

Over 2000 brands around the world use Echobox to automate their newsletter campaigns and social media presence so they can focus more energy on content creation and customer engagement.

Fully optimized newsletters

Newsletters are one of the most important ways retailers create brand loyalty.

Echobox uses cutting edge technology to automate newsletter production and optimize their content, layout, send times and more, increasing open rates and saving you time.

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